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We bring the digital landscape to life just as farmers bring their fields to life. We ensure a cohesive and engaging online presence by creating custom designs that reflect your unique branding. Our focus on simplicity, user-friendly navigation, and efficient functionality helps drive user engagement and supports your business goals.
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Agromart Group needed a new website to replace its outdated, overly complex, and video-heavy site. They wanted a simplified, user-friendly design that focused on their network of dealers and streamlined the job posting process.

Agromart Group’s Website Needs
  1. A simplified, visually appealing design.
  2. A comprehensive dealer locator page.
  3. A functional and easy-to-update careers section.
  4. Enhanced accessibility features.
Check out how we tackled their requests.

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online presence

Agromart Group’s website was transformed from a cumbersome, video-heavy Drupal site into a sleek, user-friendly platform. The new design emphasizes clarity and easy navigation, ensuring visitors can find information quickly and efficiently. The branding is consistent with Agromart Group’s identity, featuring grey and green linework and rounded images to maintain visual cohesion.

Dealer locator

We developed a comprehensive dealer locator page that allows users to view all dealers in one place. The page is designed to be neutral, with all dealers listed alphabetically without prioritization. This ensures fairness and ease of use, allowing users to find their nearest dealer quickly. Clicking on a dealer provides detailed location information.

Functional careers

To facilitate job postings, we created a custom “Submit a Job” page. This page allows authorized users to upload job descriptions easily. The process is straightforward: users fill out a form with job details and upload the relevant PDF. The jobs then appear in a table format, allowing potential applicants to view and apply for available positions effortlessly.

use navigation

We ensured the website is accessible to all users, in compliance with Ontario’s accessibility laws. Features include high-contrast color options and a screen reader mode, making the website usable for visitors with vision impairments. This commitment to accessibility demonstrates Agromart Group’s dedication to inclusivity.

Consistent branding
design to attract
and design

The new website incorporates Agromart Group’s branding throughout, using grey and green linework and custom icons. The design is crisp and structured, highlighting the organization’s partners and services effectively. The homepage prominently features their branding and social media presence, particularly their Twitter feed, to keep visitors engaged and informed.


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